Valorant & What Makes the It So Good

The game is probably one of the most popular first-person shooters that are currently available online. 

It’s a popular game that’s quite competitive, featuring ranked matches and tournaments — both reasons for gamers to need to use boost Valorant services to catch up to their friend’s ranks. 

Now that you know the game’s competitive enough to make people get boosted, it’s time to introduce you to the title. 

In this piece, we’ll explain what Valorant is, how to play it, and the game mechanics. If you stick with us until the end, you’ll even find out what makes Valorant so popular.

What is Valorant

Valorant is a Riot Games FPS (first-person shooter) game that’s incredibly popular in Europe, America, and Asia. The game combines elements of classic FPS games like Counter-Strike with unique character abilities similar to those of hero shooters such as Overwatch. The game’s set in a dystopian near-future Earth where characters known as “Agents” battle each other. Like in other first-person shooter games, in Valo, you can buy weapons, shields, and something extra (an ability unique for your agent, one you must buy in the shop).

Some key aspects of the game that you must pay close attention to include:

  • Agents and their abilities: The agents are a pivotal part of the game as they are the characters you play. You can check each in the shop and check their abilities. Pick the ones you like to play, explore their abilities, complete missions to unlock their cosmetics, and dive deep into their lore.
  • Explore the game mode: In Valorant, you can find several game modes. The primary ones are where you fight 5v5 matches with teams. In the first half, you’re an attacker in the next. You’re a defender, and vice versa. You can find many more modes like Spike Rush, Escalation, and so on.
  • The in-game economy system: It’s wise to acquaint yourself with how the economy works in Valorant and what coins are used for what. Finding this will allow you to easily navigate the market, purchasing agents, skins, and other cosmetics.

How to Play Valorant

Playing Valorant is not as difficult as you may think. However, the first thing you must do is get the game. You can do that by getting the Riot Launcher, creating an account in your region, and installing the game.

From there on, you have to:

  • Learn the basic Valo gameplay.
  • Get used to the team role and agents.
  • Understand the rules and how you can win.
  • Get the ropes of the purchase phrase.

Let’s start with the basic gameplay.

Valorant Basic Gameplay

When it comes to gameplay, you must know that Valo has many modes, and they differ slightly from each other. However, they all keep the same basics and just have different rules. For example, the standard one is a match typically played in a best-of-25 format, where the first team, no matter the attacker or defender, wins 13 rounds and emerges victorious from the game.

As it’s a team game, players get divided into groups, each with five gamers, and they choose unique agents. Both teams start at different ends of the map. There’s an attacking and a defending side. The goal is to plant a bomb or defuse it based on your team allocation. Rounds are a couple of minutes, and once you reach the midpoint, the team’s swift positions from attacker and defender to defender and attacker.

Roles and Agents

The next important thing you must know about the game is the roles and agents you can play. Knowing this will allow you to get better synergy with the team and actually win instead of messing up.

The roles of the agents can be classified as:

  • Duelists: Offensive players designed to engage and eliminate enemies. Examples include Jett and Phoenix.
  • Initiators: Disrupt enemy positions and create opportunities for their team. Examples include Sova and Breach.
  • Controllers: Manage the battlefield and control sightlines. Examples include Brimstone and Viper.
  • Sentinels: Provide defensive support and protect their team. Examples include Sage and Cypher.

Additionally, make sure you understand your agent, better learn one, and become good at using its abilities to increase your win chances.

Valo Winning Conditions

The winning conditions depend on the team you’re playing for. For example, if you’re an attacker, you’ll need to plant the spike in one of the designated areas and protect it until it explores.

If you’re a defender, your goal is to stop the attackers, ensure they do not plant the bomb, and take them out. In case they plant it, you must find them, clear the area, and defuse it.

Economy and Purchase Phase

As we said, knowing the game economy is important, but here we do not talk about the one in the lobby, but the in-game weapon shop. There, you can purchase:

  • Guns of different types.
  • Armor.
  • Agent abilities.

You must know what you need, need to form an approach to the game, and be able to execute purchases swiftly. Also, if an ally requests a weapon due to a lot of credits, you must know how to buy them one.

Valorant Game Mechanics

Time to discuss the Valorant game mechanics. When we say “mechanics,” you ought to understand:

  • Basic actions like shooting enemies and moving around.
  • Being able to use your abilities and help the team.
  • Know the map and the blind spots.

Shooting and Movement

Valorant, as an FPS game, emphasizes the precision of your aim and quick reflexes. The game is a tad more complex than others, and if you try it, you’ll see the difference. Aiming is not as easy, and your movements heavily influence your accuracy. At the same time, movement is also a key point, for it allows you to stealth flank enemies, encouraging players to come up with strategies rather than run-and-gun tactics.

Abilities and Team Play

The next most important mechanism in Valo is that of the agent’s abilities. They’re crucial for a successful win, as every character has specific skills. Some focus on healing, others on defense, and third on recon. They’re all crucial for the team’s play. Therefore, people must learn to use them before picking the agent.


Valorant does not feature many maps, meaning players can remember their unique layouts and strategic points to form tactics. Knowing a map is crucial in order to plan defenses or attack your opponents. Furthermore, you must know all blind sports and the best covers that you can use during a skirmish.

Why is this Riot Game So Popular?

There are many reasons why an FPS game like Valorant is popular among the masses. The best ones include the following:

  • Competitive gameplay mechanics.
  • A unique blend of classic FPS and character abilities.
  • Regular updates of the game.
  • Strong community and eSport tournaments.
  • Easily accessible game.

Competitive Gameplay

Like most Riot titles, the game has ranked modes that boost the competitiveness already insisted by the standard modes. In ranked modes, players team up to earn wins, points, and eventual tier climbs. This gives a goal to many gamers who aim to climb as high as possible alone or with friends.

A Blend of Classic FPS With Unique Abilities

This aspect makes the game different from other titles like CS. By having character abilities, players are able to execute specific strategies and make the gameplay more exciting. Moreover, the tweaks in aim, walking, and shooting make the game even more exciting.

Regular Updates

Riot is a big company, as such, it constantly improves its games, including Valorant. They look for tiny bugs or others and fix them as soon as possible. Another thing they do is regularly update the content of the game to keep it entertaining, from cosmetics to new agents, maps, and lore, which boosts the game’s popularity.

The Strong Community and eSport Tournaments

Another aspect that makes the game so good is the community. Online, you’ll find many people, from regular players to pros and streamers, who engage in discussions, make strategies, give tips, and learn things together. This makes up for a strong game community and is something many enjoy. Another thing is the tournaments, where people earn prestige and show off skills; they’re watched all over the world.

Easy Access to the Game

Last but not least, the game is easy to access. Everyone with a working PC can get it. The basic game is free and has low system requirements, making it perfect no matter how powerful your computer is.

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